«All I want is you, all I want»

No me hace falta nada más… me basta con mirar… no tengo miedo a amar… tengo miedo a perder de nuevo… pero… esto es un camino sin salida… donde amar, es un suicidio… porque te acaban de decir al entrar por este camino que dentro de poco encontrarás una inmensa pared de ladrillos… pero aún así… aún viendola… camino… me adentro en la calle y me pierdo… es lo que he elegido… y yo mismo me doy cuenta que es un suicidio… pero… es lo que he elegido… hace un tiempo lo dije… y dije lo que siento… aunque este sea un amor no correspondido…

Pero… «todo lo que quiero eres tu… todo lo que quiero…» y no tengo miedo, no tengo más lágrimas… no tengo más sueño… que el que mi cuerpo necesita… y eso es lo que quiero… sentirme bien… y sólo amándote es como lo estoy… porque aunque esta cabeZa tonta, y torpe piense demasiado… mi coraZón siempre ha ganado todas las batallas… y a ese es al que le hago caso…

Siempre estaré ahí… ahora y después, y lo sabes… siempre… y si alguna veZ te he fallado, tal veZ lo sienta demasiado… pero… esto es así… me gusta amarte… pero no te amo… me gusta estar a tu lado… pero lloro cuando lo hago demasiado… me gustaría besarte mientras me das un abraZo… pero… ahí mi cabeZa es la que le pone límite a mi coraZón… y lo hace entrar en raZón… te amo… pero no te amo… tal veZ lo que me guste es sufrir no teniéndote a mi lado…

[Guy:] Whose dick you sucking?
[Girl:] Don’t call me with that bullshit, alright
[Guy:] You lying, you lying to me, Di
[Girl:] Yeah exactly
[Guy:] Whose dick you sucking? C’mon Di, I just heard some shit about
you, some foul shit. The fuck is the deal?
[Girl:] Suck my fucking dick you bitchass nigga! I don’t
[Guy:] No you explain it to me bitch. You know what I’m talking about.
[Girl:] I don’t know nobody up here! I don’t fuck with nobody up here and
I ain’t been fucking with nobody up here! I don’t know nobody in
fucking Yonkers!
[Guy:] Lying ass bitch. You ain’t shit. Do I got to hollar his name too?
[Girl:] Who the fuck is he!?
[Guy:] Bitch you fuckin up!

hangs up


«All I want is you, all I want» [Background]

What type of games is being played, how’s it going down?
If it’s on till it’s gone, then I gots to know now
Is you wit me or what, they gon try to give me a nutt
Just honeys wanna give me the butt, wha..

I’m politicking with this trick and wondering if I’ma creep her
Little hoodrat bitch from 25th named Tenika
Coming through, like I do, you know
Getting my bark on
Knew she was a thug because when I met her she had a scarf on
5411, size 7 in girls
Babyface, would look like she was 11 with curls
Girlfriend, remember me, (what?), from way back, I’m the same cat
With the wave cap- the motherfucker that tnt used to blaze at
Still here so it’s all good
Oh you know my niggas Rich and them doing they thing on 35th Ave
It’s a small hood, and it’s all wood, so let me get that number
Hook it up, aight
Hit you on da track later on, say wassup
Talking to shorty made me wanna do something nice
Looking at that ass made me wanna do something tonight
And I know right when I see right, shorty looking like she tight
She bite, better give a nigga the green light, we might..

[Chorus – 2x]

I’m getting at shorty like what you need, what you want
Offer nothing, cuz I got you, must you front?
I see you with your baby father but it don’t matter
You gave me the pussy, that ass is getting fatter
Let that nigga play daddy, make moves with me
I’da kept it more than real boo, can’t lose with me
Heard he smacked you ‘cuz you said my name while y’all was sexin’
Ran up on this cat, thought was me, and started flexin’
You know I ain’t even with that
So he gon’ have to get that just on tv
Try to creep me, what? Leave that nigga sleepy
On the strength of you, that’s your kid’s daddy
I ain’t gon’ send him on his way, put him up in that big caddy
But let him know
Never mind yo, I need you to go
Take this snow up to 150, see Joe
Get that, come back with that
We can split that, sit back
Fuck, puff a L, forget that
You wit dat?

[Chorus – 2x]

Aiyyo this chicken got me digging her moves, ‘cuz she smooth
Wanna lose, whoever she choose, it’s the dues
Respect is not expected but it’s given ‘cuz it’s real
Being neglected and all, expect it, the deal
Lie, cheat, and steal for me
Putting something in a nigga’s wig if you squeal for me
Kill for me, you still with me
‘Cuz we get down like what
Told you from the start, it ain’t all about a nutt
I’m gon’ be fair, try to be there
We gon’ see then, hit me with the question boo
That answer gon’ be yeah
See there, something can go wrong, it does
Love’d it, Let it go
but it came back, that’s how strong it was
But you belonged to Cuz, couldn’t belong to me
You had two kids by this nigga, it was wrong for me
But we gon’ always be, best of friends
Mad love, Boo, to the end

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  • julian miércoles, 22 marzo, 2006

    es maravilloso estar enamorado;pero a veces el corazón tiene razones que la razón no entiende.
    cuando te enseñan a amar, aprendes a sufrir y sufrir es llorar; pero merece la pena y en micaso así ha sido

  • iNDigestA jueves, 23 marzo, 2006

    Pero estás luchando?

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