Never Gonna Let You Go

[quote=Faith Evans en Never Gonna Let You Go]Cause you make my heart sing
I wanna give my heart, my soul, my love to you
Oh baby, yeah
Cause every day I’m not with you
I’m missing you like crazy
I need for you to love me

Love me
Hold me
Touch me
Down deep in my soul
And never let it go
Cause the love we share
No one compares to you
I’ll never let you go
Cause I really love you so
Oh i, I’ll never let you go, oh no[/quote]

[quote=Faith Evans en Never Gonna Let You Go]If you only knew
What you really do
Ain’t ever had no one that does it quite like you do
You could spend half a lifetime
Trying to find one like you,
That`s why I am so glad I found you, babe
I wished upon a star and it came true
Darling, I need for you to love me[/quote]